Effective teacher

The effective teacher creates positive conditions for student learning – by establishing approaches to educational design, delivery and assessment that are appropriate for the subject, student cohort and institutional context – and takes a reflective approach to developing and improving their teaching practice over time

Promotion criteria

The successful promotion candidate would demonstrate effective teaching through fulfilling some or all of the criteria within two key domains:


A reflective and professional attitude that develops over time:

  • demonstrates a student-centred approach, promoting professional and inclusive interactions with students within and beyond the classroom
  • offers a well-defined teaching philosophy with a reflective and analytical approach to continuously improve their teaching and learning practice
  • demonstrates a conscientious and systematic focus on enhancing student learning and participation within and beyond the classroom
  • inspires and motivates students as innovators, independent learners and critical thinkers
  • engages in horizon-scanning across their subject or profession to ensure that students’ knowledge and skills reflect the state-of-the-art in their discipline


Effective design, delivery and assessment of courses and materials:

  • plans, organises and delivers a range of teaching and learning experiences, tailored to the specific needs of the programme, students and intended learning outcomes
  • provides assessment and feedback that foster student engagement and independent learning
  • responds in a timely and professional manner to individual student learning needs
  • coordinates and manages courses effectively, including the development of appropriate supporting materials
  • understands and respects programme objectives, institutional quality assurance (QA) processes and, where relevant, the standards set by professional bodies
  • offers recognised expertise in the subject matter being taught

Note: it is presupposed that successful candidates will hold all required institutional/national pedagogical training and qualifications

Sphere of impact

The primary community influenced by the effective teacher is the students whom they teach and tutor.

Teaching achievement would be primarily demonstrated through the candidate’s impact on the learning, engagement and participation among these student groups and the candidate’s reflective approach to developing their own teaching practice.

Career Framework for University Teaching, 2024