The Career Framework for University Teaching is designed to guide and support the career progression of academics on the basis of their contribution to teaching and learning. Offering both a structured pathway for academic career progression and an evidence base on which to demonstrate and evaluate teaching achievement, the Framework provides a resource that universities can adapt to their academic career structures and progression points. It can be used at each stage of the academic career, including appointment, professional development, appraisal and promotion.

A tool to recognise the teaching achievements of ALL university academics

The Framework rests on the principle that all academics who teach – whether they be in an education-focused role or in a blended research/teaching role – should continue to strengthen the quality and impact of their teaching activities as they progress through their career.

The Framework is designed to be used alongside mechanisms to evaluate and reward other contributions made by the academic – such as research achievement or service to the institution – as appropriate to their role at the university.


The Framework’s design draws on educational research, feedback from the higher education community and global best practice. It was developed in partnership with pedagogical experts and partner universities from across the world.


Higher education institutions can use the Framework to inform and structure the teaching and learning component of their academic appointment, professional development, annual appraisal and promotion processes.


Resources and how-to guides are provided – aimed at academics, university leaders and the educational research/support community – providing targeted information about the Framework and how to use it in practice.

Career Framework for University Teaching, 2024