Skilled and collegial teacher

The skilled and collegial teacher takes an evidence-informed approach to developing and improving their teaching practice over time. They also provide leadership and mentorship to peers to help nurture a collective and collegial culture of excellence in teaching and learning across their group or discipline

Promotion criteria

In addition to the attitudes and delivery expected of an effective teacher, the successful promotion candidate will demonstrate skilled and collegial teaching through fulfilling some or all of the criteria within two domains:


Teaching skills that support student learning and engagement:

  • offers students a holistic view of their programme and discipline
  • demonstrates skill, experience and creativity with a range of pedagogies
  • demonstrates the appropriate use of evidence-informed approaches to enhance student learning


Supporting a collegial and collaborative educational environment:

  • inspires and supports colleagues to develop and improve their teaching, including through the use of information technologies and module materials
  • contributes to a collegial and collaborative educational culture across departmental teaching staff, for example, through leadership of peer support activities or support for curricular reform activities
  • participates in an exchange of teaching experiences and ideas with colleagues and the wider higher education community
  • proactively monitors the student teaching and learning experience and responds in a timely and professional manner to concerns about course design, context and delivery (at programme, year or module level)

Sphere of impact

In addition to the students taught and tutored, the communities influenced by the skilled and collegial teacher include the academic peer group that they have inspired, supported and mentored within their own institution.

Teaching achievement would be demonstrated by:

Teaching achievement would be demonstrated by:

  • the candidate’s reflective approach to developing their own teaching practice
  • the candidate’s impact on the skill-sets and approaches among peers
  • the learning, engagement and participation of the students that the candidate has taught and tutored.

Career Framework for University Teaching, 2024