Scholarly teacher

The scholarly teacher makes a significant contribution to pedagogical knowledge by engaging with a scholarly approach to their teaching practice and contributing to the scholarly research literature. Successful candidates would influence educational practice as well as educational knowledge. Scholarly teachers are grounded in a student-centred perspective and share their findings with institutional colleagues, promoting communities of practice around their educational research

Promotion criteria

In addition to the achievements demonstrated by a skilled and collegial teacher, the scholarly teacher is distinguished by their contribution to and application of pedagogical knowledge, through meeting some or all of the following criteria:

  • demonstrates an extensive knowledge of a range of pedagogical approaches and a critical approach to evaluating the evidence and its relevance to their teaching
  • advances pedagogical knowledge through theoretical, empirical and/or translational research within their field of expertise
  • demonstrates an appropriate and conscientious application of evidence-informed approaches to advance student learning within their own teaching practice
  • inspires, informs and supports peers, within and beyond their own institution, to adopt evidence-informed approaches to their teaching practice
  • is recognised for their expertise in teaching and learning, supporting the development of active communities of practice within and beyond their institution

Sphere of impact

In addition to students taught and tutored and peer academics, the communities influenced by the scholarly teacher include the institutional, national and international pedagogical communities within their disciplinary area and/or specific pedagogical fields of interest.

Teaching achievement would be demonstrated by the candidate’s impact on the pedagogical knowledge within and beyond their own institution, including its influence on teaching practice.

Career Framework for University Teaching, 2024