Institutional leader in teaching and learning

The institutional leader in teaching and learning plays a leadership role in improving the environment for inclusion and excellence in teaching and learning within and beyond their institution, through, for example, curriculum renewal and redesign, strategic partnerships outside the institution, the development of systems of support for staff/students or quality assurance (QA) review at an institutional level

Promotion criteria

In addition to the achievements demonstrated by a skilled and collegial teacher, successful candidates would demonstrate institutional leadership in teaching and learning through their ability to lead processes of change, review, innovation and development across the university teaching and learning environment.

The successful candidate would fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • demonstrates leadership with respect to advancing an inclusive and supportive culture of excellence in teaching and learning across the institution
  • plays a leading role in driving educational innovation, reform and/or support, within or outside the curriculum, that has a sustained and positive impact on student learning and/or engagement
  • leads the development, management and review of school and institutional teaching and learning strategies, including major QA and accreditation processes
  • strengthens and contributes to national dialogues in teaching and learning, advancing cooperation and partnership outside their institution and informing practice elsewhere

It should be noted that this level is not designed to simply recognise and reward the managerial responsibilities of the candidate, but rather their legacy and impact on educational quality across and beyond the institution, regardless of the post that they hold at the university.

Sphere of impact

The communities influenced by the institutional leader in teaching and learning are staff and students across their university as well as other connected stakeholders in higher education, such as schools, prospective students, graduate employers and strategic institutional partners.

Teaching achievement would be demonstrated by the impact that the candidate has had across and beyond their institution, on attitudes of staff and students, institutional educational policies, support structures and approaches, student learning outcomes and the institutional learning environment.

Career Framework for University Teaching, 2024